Below you will find forms that may be needed throughout the year:

Counselor Change Request Form:

The HSI-Sugar Land College and Career Counseling Department has made every effort to match student needs with available counseling services. In HSI-Sugar Land, students are assigned to College and Career Counselors based on their last names (alpha-split), and remain with the same Counselor throughout their high school career. However, we also reassign some students to another counselor to balance our college and counseling team workload for maximum productivity when needed.

If you would like to request a college and career counselor change, please submit the Online Request Form attaching the College Counselor Change Request Form.

Process For Requesting A College & Career Counselor Change:

  • Submit your request by completing this form provided above
  • Please fill in the form accurately and completely to request a change.
  • The Admin committee receives a request, they discuss and decide on it in the committee meeting.
  • Once a decision is made, then a parent/guardian is informed by email with a written letter signed by our principal

AP/Dual Credit/Honors/Lab Course (s) Appeal Requests

If you need to appeal any AP/Dual Credit/Honors/Lab Course (s), please talk to your counselor and submit the

Schedule Change Requests

Please submit your schedule change requests through


  • No submissions will be accepted after the deadlines. 
  • Once the master schedule has been built, all AP students are committed to completing the entire year of the AP courses. No schedule change requests for AP courses will be honored for the Spring semester.

Please contact your ASSIGNED counselor if you ever need help.