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HSI-Sugar Land Course Selection 2022-2023 Deadlines Poster

Step 1: Students should discuss with their parents, teachers, and counselors on what they should take and look over them

NOTE: Any course taken outside of Harmony system without HSI-Sugar Land College & Career Counseling Team written approval will NOT receive points towards GPA calculation. Students are required to consult with counselors before enrolling any course including core and elective courses outside of HSI-Sugar Land. HSI-Sugar Land will NOT award high school credit for courses including core and elective courses taken without written an assigned counselor approval. All students (not including the ones who are at risk of graduation on time) are required to take courses on HSI-Sugar Land campus to fulfill graduation requirements.

Step 2: Set up a course selection meeting with your assign counselor through links below:

Please click here to check our updated Alpha Split (By Last Names) Plan

Step 3: During the Meeting;

  • Select your courses and Do NOT forget to sign and copy of the following documents below for your records
    • Personal Graduation Plan (PGP for Newcomers & 8th Grade Students) (Must be signed by a student, a parent/guardian, and a counselor)
    • Course Selection Form-Finalized (Must be signed by a student, a parent/guardian, and a counselor)
    • Automatic Admission Form (Must be signed by a student, a parent/guardian, and a counselor)

Step 4: Submit Your Schedule Change Requests by Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 4:00 pm.

  • Schedule Change Requests will be through “Schedule Correction Online Request Form”. Please submit your requests by Friday, April 30, 2022 at 4:00 pm. No submissions will be accepted after the deadline. 
  • Once the master schedule has been built, all AP students are committed to completing the entire year of the AP courses. No schedule change requests for AP courses will be honored for the Spring semester.

Step 6: Contact your assigned counselor if you ever need help.