Schedule Correction Requests

Schedule corrections based on teacher, elective, or section preferences will not be honored. There will be NO teacher changes and core academic courses will not be moved to accommodate electives. The administration reserves the right and has the responsibility to only make changes as necessary to meet graduation requirements, balance class sizes, correct administrative or clerical error, reflect changes in school personnel, or other educationally appropriate reasons. This also includes upper level class (AP, Dual Credit, and Honors).  In determining whether there are extenuating circumstances, HSI-Sugar Land College Counseling Team will use the following guidelines and decide on it:

  • Changes requested after the Course Plan has been submitted will be made only for the following reasons per counselor approval:
    • A Senior needs to make up deficient graduation credits
    • A student received a failing grade and needs to repeat the class for high school graduation requirements or to meet college eligibility requirements
    • A student is in the incorrect course level
    • A course requested will not be offered due to budgetary restraints, low-class size
    • A student completed a course credit at summer school
    • Medical/health issues require adjustment in schedule 
    • There is a missing or blank course in the schedule.
  • Campus administrators can consider level changes on extenuating circumstances during the first semester. Level changes can be requested by students, parents, and teachers based on availability (grades from the dropped upper-level course will be carried into the added lower-level course). 
  • Students may request a course change according to the following guidelines in the first 15 school days of the academic year and only if space is available in the new class. Afterwards, all course change requests will be considered for the second semester. Schedule changes are subject to class availability. A request may not be granted due to conflicts and/or class size.  
    • Placement recommendation based on academic performance
    • Medical/health issues require adjustment in schedule
    • Course needed for graduation or college eligibility requirements
    • No elective changes will be made.

Please submit your schedule change requests through The Schedule Correction Online Request Form  by FRIDAY, APRIL 29th, 2022 at 4:00 pm.

Foundation High School Program Endorsement Opt-Out Agreement

The Texas Education Code, Section 28.025(b), allows a student to graduate under the Foundation High School Program without earning an endorsement if, after the student’s sophomore year, the student and the student’s parent/guardian are notified of the benefits of graduating with an endorsement and the student’s parent/guardian gives written permission for the student to opt out of an endorsement. The benefits of graduating with an endorsement are available in the Graduation Toolkit, produced in partnership by the Texas Education Agency, the T



  • No submissions will be accepted after the deadlines. 
  • Once the master schedule has been built, all AP students are committed to completing the entire year of the AP courses. No schedule change requests for AP courses will be honored for the Spring semester unless there is a placement recommendation based on academic performance according to the Advanced Placement (AP) Student Contract.

Please contact your ASSIGNED counselor if you ever need help.